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Hypermarkets / Retails Stores



High Foot fall and never shut yet you’ve a critical need to ensure your retails space is clean and safe. We’re professional housekeeper specializing in Hypermarkets for annual contract cleaning. Working for the major Supermarkets / Hypermarkets and Retail Stores throughout the UAE, which includes LuLu Group’s Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Lulu Express Stores, Al Maya Stores, ADCOOP etc.


Large retailers choose us because of our comprehensive hypermarket-oriented cleaning services. Specializing in the complex cleans such as High LEVEL, Moving walkways or simply the fact that our teams are likely to be cleaning along side your customers in a 24/7 always open environment.


Our Supermarkets Cleaning can Include:


Benefits : In a fiercely competitive marketplace, it goes without saying that customers don't and won't shop in and unclean supermarket.


Our aim is to provide a tailored service to meet your individual requirements, frequency and circumstance to safeguard your brand's reputation.


Working closely with Clients : Our national coverage and financial strength ensures we implement the most rigorous of processes, retain highly trained, professional personnel and have the most advanced equipment and materials.


We're working closer than ever before with Store Managers and Housekeeping in charge, to get a better understanding of their requirements. This enables them to spend more time focusing on the success of their store and leave the cleaning up to us.